RWU-23-D8 | Joie De Vivre Wedding Collection | Republic Womenswear

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The regal work of art along with contemporary style of designing ,this classic work of art consists of princly look with base net ,front open jacket having the modern trace of fashion with the arches on front panels, foil work granting grace to the dress is a vision of tradition ,geomatric patten on the yoke and sleeve with the overall leafy craftsmanship is giving a aristocratic class to the whole look ,an enthusiastic approach towards the modernism with the pairing of velvet shawl needs no words.

Front Left Panel Embellished (Net) 1-PC
Front Right Panel Embellished (Net) 1-PC
Front Left+Right Side Ext Embellished (Net) 2-PC
Front Hem Border 1 Embellished (Net) 1-PC
Front Hem Border 2 Embroidered (Satin) 1-PC
Back Hem Border 1 Embroidered (Net) 1-PC
Back Hem Border 2 Embroidered (Satin) 1-PC
Back Embroidered (Net) 1.30-MTR
Sleeves Embellished (Net) 1.10-MTR
Sleeves Border Embellished (Satin) 1.30-MTR
Shawl Embroidered (Velvet) 2-MTR
Shawl Pallu Embroidered (Velvet) 2-PC
Slip (Raw Silk) 2-MTR
Trousers Printed Patti (Raw Silk) 4-PC
Trousers Printed (Raw Silk) 4-Panels


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